Author Topic: Cleanup Premium impossible to cancel (typo on the email adress)  (Read 2622 times)

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Hello ! (sorry for my english, I'm french, oui oui baguette)

Here is my problem : in july, I tested the free Cleanup Premium trial (1 month) to help my very slow computer go faster. It didn't work, and I wanted to unsubscribe to the free trial before the payment ... BUT : I think I made a typo mistake in my e-mail adress when I suscribe for Cleanup premium, because nothing is available in my avast account (no payment information, no subscription etc, even if it's activated in the avast application on my computer), and I didn't recieve any confirmation ID.

The free trial month is passing by, and nobody's able to find me (i reached the avast customer support), I think it was because there wans't any payment yet. On august 20th, it was the end of the free trial, and so my account has been debited of 41.99 euros. I reached out again for the avast customer service to have a refund ans cancel my subscription, and they asked for more infosrmations (what type or card / Bank, 6 first numbers and 4 last numers of my card, my e-mail adress, etc) and they apparently found the transaction, but they're asking me to tell them the e-mail adress i used (which, again, i think was not written the right way, but i don't know where or what could be the mistake ...) How can I prove them it was me ??

Also : today we are august 23rd and when I went on my bank application, I saw that my account was debited AGAIN by another 41.99 euros, and I don't understant why ...

Can someone please help me to cancel the subscription, and have a refound for the two payments please ? I do not have any order ID, but my Cleanup premium subscription is DHKDXN-3AY8YJ-5YLC3E
Thank you !