Author Topic: HD Moore launches malware search engine  (Read 2083 times)

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HD Moore launches malware search engine
« on: July 19, 2006, 06:15:57 PM »
Hi malware fighters,

What do yout hink of HD Moore (metasploit) initiative to google-hack a new search engine that exclusively searches for malware. Are we waiting for this?
Security through obscurity is a bad deal, but do you have to aid people to search for things that searchers need, but script kiddies can do without, and also the malware author.

Read here:,1759,1990158,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

I give you an example of how it should be. You are into browser security. You are a FF or Flock fan, and you have heard about the Standard.URL exploit or the FileControleFrame hole or even the Event-StateManager vulnerability. You go to mozilla org and find up the patches and then you install a patched version in components file of nsStandardURL.js, nsFileControlFrame.js or nsEvent-StateManager.js, your browser is more secure, and you learnt somewhat in between.
Not to automate the searching for the ignorants that will do dangerous things with this knowledge.
Some to comment?

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Re: HD Moore launches malware search engine
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2006, 09:21:05 AM »

It would really not be good for ignorants to use that search engine to find websites that host malicious files.    :(