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Problem with Avast Secureline Multi-Device Login
« on: November 10, 2018, 04:21:08 AM »
Hi All,
Apologies if this query doesn't belong here. Recently I purchased Avast Secure VPN - Multidevice from the app and I am facing a few issues there. Though while purchasing it showed I can connect up to 5 devices, it is maxed out at 2 and is working perfectly fine on both the Android.
Nothing seems to work, third device onwards*. The error of "seems like your account is not registered for multidevice" keeps popping up and it prompts me to purchase again. Tried reaching out to Support, but haven't received any response till date.

A couple of issues I would like to highlight are -

a) I'm not being able to view the license when I login to my account here on this site, though I can get it on the app. I tried reaching out to the Support and haven't received a response till date. Not sure what the issue is.

b) There's another app from Avast - Avast Mobile Security which doesn't sync with Avast Secureline and keeps on prompting me to purchase the Secureline VPN, even though I have it installed and running. Seems like both are two different apps/ accounts even though I use the same email ID for logging.

Need Help on:
i) Is there a way I can use the Secureline VPN on 5 devices as mentioned while purchasing? The devices are 3 Android mobiles and a Mac laptop.

Thanks for your time. Appreciate your help on this.

*Third device is also an Android phone. Strange that it wasn't mentioned anywhere that the 5 devices need to be Android before purchase.

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