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IDS alert on cert and various best policy recommendations
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:47:01 PM »
Given as clean here:
Given as a low security risk here:

Flagged here:
CloudFlare abuse?
alerts for ET INFO Observed Let's Encrypt Certificate for Suspicious TLD (.xyz)
Fortinet's reports various js malware. (U+200B) is not a valid identifier! For line 39 etc. in

Word Press plug-in update required:    contact-form-7 5.0.4   latest release (5.0.5) Update required

admin back-end account vulnerable.

Retirable jQuery libraries:!/scan/8c6b35749eed1cb8c99a459c30adf803a2ae9e03f0427c0d1d008c64291ba714

External link blocked from loading by u<atrix: -

182 best security policy recommendations:

This now being offline? ->
Blocked by MBAM for possible suspicious activity.

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