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Whether AVAST exists in the mode
« on: November 21, 2018, 04:17:42 PM »
Hello AVAST, I am very happy to meet here! I am a user from China and I really like this software.
The dialogue will be completed by MICROSOFT.
I encountered some problems during the use of AVAST (reproduce the reference video source Chinese video site "biliili" video number AV23177507).
Text description: AVAST and dangerous files are symbiotic in the test environment, and the virtual environment only has the C drive as the test disk. Run dangerous files after turning off AVAST protection. At this point AVAST keeps warning, blocking dangerous files and trying to repair the system. However, the system has been changed. At this time, there is one more B drive, which is completely a backup of the C drive (excluding dangerous files). Then windows restart (in accordance with the dangerous file design intention at this time due to the inability to enter windows), after normal access to windows. Both AVAST and dangerous files cannot be opened, and the windows system is not abnormal.
However, no relevant solutions have been found in China. Take the liberty to ask AVAST developers about this video content:
1: Is the B drive a product of AVAST emergency backup?
2: Is AVAST in emergency mode, for example, if the problem cannot be solved, the “self-explosive program” and the dangerous program will be enabled?
3: If the above is established. AVAST has encountered an unsolvable problem, but what measures does AVAST take if there is not enough disk space to back up files?

                            Thank you