Author Topic: 购买了68块钱一年的那个什么VIP,不能激活,怎么申请退款  (Read 1301 times)

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License cannot be activated. Apply for refund.
English is not good, looking at English headache.

License cannot be activated.
How to apply for refund.

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Hi 0297,

The activation code you posted was for Avast free - there is no refund for this license as you have not paid anything. I have removed the code from your post to prevent it being abused.

You do have a subscription for Avast Cleanup Premium associated to the email address that you've registered on the forum - this has a different activation code. I have sent it to you in a PM now.

Please see here for instructions on how to download and install the Cleanup program:
Once installed, please follow the activation guide instructions found here: