Author Topic: Avast for Kubuntu 14.04 linux  (Read 4803 times)

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Avast for Kubuntu 14.04 linux
« on: January 05, 2019, 01:01:01 AM »
Can anyone help me please fopr the following-

I found a download .deb file for avast4workstation
(avast! antivirus for Linux), thru google for .deb file download
for Linux (Kubuntu 14.04).
and loaded it on my Kubuntu 14.04, it now shows the avast
icon within my K menu, but when I click on it it comes back saying
"avast error-an error occurred in avast! engine:invalid argument"
see attached what do you thing is wrong and why it wont execute?

sorry new at this community forum and post 3 copies of pic