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A way out - Sign Code for Free with GlobalSign
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:10:09 AM »
Remember the recent problems for Notepad+ + Now  Comes Unsigned:
And we know AV solutions have less trouble with a signed version (but supported that costed some money).

Here the problems may start, like for instance on VT: BehavesLike.Win32.Dropper.wc detected by McAfee-GW-Edition
and some lesser known solutions, that flag the file as infested with HW32.Packed & malicious.46fd94 as potential malware.

There may be an Authentihash   c7736617083bf3f9fe6b30c9551cbcd5d5065baedcdca5469208d727cb45fb1c

The most important news here:
Signature Info
Signature Verification
This file is not signed
File Version Information
Copyright   Copyleft 1998-2017 by Don HO
Product   Notepad++
Description   Notepad++ : a free (GNU) source code editor
File Version

Then there is also a mutex here, detected as "oleacc-msaa-loaded mutex" for access and settings.
(info credits go to: luntrus)

Now there is this free, but unsupported alternative:

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