Author Topic: WordPress website with bad security with malware?  (Read 346 times)

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WordPress website with bad security with malware?
« on: April 24, 2019, 12:03:14 PM »
WordPress version outdated 4.9.8
Version does not appear to be latest
Cloudflare abuse

User Enumeration
  The first two user ID's were tested to determine if user enumeration is possible.

ID   User   Login
1   dev2mpcwp   dev2mpcwp
2   DigiDonkey   digidonkey
It is recommended to rename the admin user account to reduce the chance of brute force attacks occurring. As this will reduce the chance of automated password attackers gaining access. However it is important to understand that if the author archives are enabled it is usually possible to enumerate all users within a WordPress installation.

 Only the first two user ID's were tested with this scan, try the advanced membership options for detailed enumeration of users, themes and plugins.

 Directory Indexing
In the test an attempt was made to list the directory contents of the uploads and plugins folders to determine if Directory Indexing is enabled. This is a common information leakage vulnerability that can reveal sensitive information regarding your site configuration or content.

/wp-content/uploads/      enabled
/wp-content/plugins/      disabled
Directory indexing was tested on the /wp-content/uploads/ and /wp-content/plugins/ directores. Note that other directories may have this web server feature enabled, so ensure you check other folders in your installation. It is good practice to ensure directory indexing is disabled for your full WordPress installation either through the web server configuration or .htaccess.

F-grade scan results

568 re commendations to improve site (security issues included):

Website issues and recommendations:

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