Author Topic: Latest Avast update has broken my computer - BSOD from aswRvrt.sys  (Read 400 times)

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It seems a lot of people have had issues with Avast and avwRvrt.sys preventing their system from working. I was using my laptop ok until an Avast update on January 7 - then when I tried to reboot I got stuck in a BSOD/Recovery loop. I get this error code: 0xc000007b

I contacted our IT department work, and after much swearing by both sides, I had to reinstall Windows. Which means all my apps have to be reinstalled ... meaning Avast will NOT get installed again and I won't be recommending it.

Frankly, considering how many years people have been having the same problem and how many messages on here for the same issue don't get replied to, Avast ranks as malware IMO.
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