Author Topic: Unable to view pics to post in Instagram after running Avast Cleanup on Android  (Read 8652 times)

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So I just figured out after running Avast Cleanup for the 2nd time in a month that it's causing a big issue for me in Instagram.  I'll run Avast Cleanup (Free) on my Android phone.  Afterwards, I'll go into Instagram to post a picture from my "Gallery", but to my frustration, my pictures show up as all grey boxes.  When I click on a grey box, I can see the picture in the box above, but the frustration stems from the fact that I don't know what I'm clicking on because the boxes are grey.  I use Instagram to promote items for sale, so I really need to get this fixed ASAP. 

Has anyone else ran into this issue?  Can it be fixed where I can view my pics to post again?  Help! 


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Hi, you may want to skip Instragram from cleaning.