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Avast Conflicts
« on: January 27, 2019, 06:58:19 AM »
Yesterday I installed Avast free antivirus and everything went fine until today when I wanted to install Avast Secure Browser, at first the installer didn't run, and after a few tries and resets the browser magically appeared as installed in my desktop, then I tried to run it but it didn't open, I clicked every option and nothing happened and tried to reinstall it but the control panel said that the app was already running, so I restarted my computer in safe mode and uninstalled both antivirus and browser and after uninstalling them I restarted my computer on normal mode. After that I installed the browser first and it installed correctly and everything was going fine, but when I reinstalled the antivirus I got the problem again, so I think Avast antivirus has a conflict with the browser.
Please can anyone help me?