Author Topic: Lost of all bookmarks after upgrade avast safezone to avast secure browser  (Read 4577 times)

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yesterday my browser has gone from avast safezone to avast secure browser.
I lost all my bookmarks!
I tried to import without success!
When I start Avast secure browser it starts as a "person 2" and I does not find an option to switch users.
I am completely lost, can anyone help me?
PS: I am French but all the posts being in English, I write in English, excuse for the faults!

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Welcome minicod,

Not a problem we speak what we learn...  I suggest you go to this FAQ by Avast here:

Troubleshooting is where you should start.  Just know that Avast SafeZone Browser has not been supported for almost a year now, sorry you lost your bookmarks....

You can save them in the future by clicking 3 dots . . . and then selecting Import/Export (Export saves your bookmarks, Import puts bookmarks into ASB).  Always backup bookmarks or other personal files you do not want to lose...

See attached below:
Windows 10 Home 64-bit 1809 Avast Internet Security version 19.6.2383 (build 19.6.4546.508)

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Hi mchain,
Thanks a lot for your answer. I already read informations at your url and this did not help me.
I'll just ask you two question :
Could you tell me in what file are stocked bookmarks in both safezone and ASB ? are those files crypted ?
As mentioned in my first post, when I start ASB it is starting as a "user 2" ! just after the magration from Safezone to ASB I remember I had a window and he asked me how to start. I remember I could chose to start as a guest an so on ... May be I did something wrong.
I searched how to switch user and did not found the way. Do you have some information about that.
Thank you in advance for your update.
Kind regards,