Author Topic: AVAST VPN is killing my internet connection speed  (Read 915 times)

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AVAST VPN is killing my internet connection speed
« on: January 31, 2019, 07:25:09 PM »
I have used Avast for the past few years and for the past year have been using the VPN.

I am on spectrum with 400MBPS service and on most days the VPN will cause a 90% reduction in speed.

I have a very fast 2.7ghz processor, run a high speed, SSD drive and have 16 gigs of ram with very few ancilliary services running concurrently.

I am connected via a hard line directly from my router and without the VPN it is not uncommon for me to get well over the speed I am paying for. The moment I connect the vpn, this morning for example, my speed dropped down to Kbps, not even in the megabit range.

Not happy at all with this and if it doesn't fix itself soon, I won't be renewing any of my other avast products as well.