Author Topic: Reflected XSS vulnerability with "window.location.protocol.split"  (Read 331 times)

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Where we found this source: -
Unrecognized input for "var curProtocol" script element does not.
More on that site:!/scan/f2ff9de112438093b8b2b8ae2b667dfe6bf9a4e1e6dccf831aae6addbd8ae4e6
Other malware detected:  **

Site is susceptible to MiM attacks (6); domain at risk of being hijacked (4); 2 vulnerabilities to be discovered more easily; unnecessary open ports; DNS susceptible to MiM attacks. Meta-elements not being set; ** results not returned fast enough: -{"date":"2019-02-04T21:50:20.493Z","timeout":"htxps://"}

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