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Author Topic: Avast Anti-Ransomware Shield Testing  (Read 306 times)

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Avast Anti-Ransomware Shield Testing
« on: February 04, 2019, 11:19:38 PM »
This thread is meant for the Avast team ; if you, "Avasters" see this, do some analysis on it ! Would help the overall protection !
There is also a survey on top of the page. Give your opinion about the Anti-Ransomware Shield reactions after reading below !

Hi folks  :), just sharing a test of mine of the Anti-Ransomware shield VS KnowBe4 Ransim (ransomware simulator).

Here, the test folder of Ransim has been set to protected in the A-RW-S settings.
Smart Mode.
Every default file types are selected
Custom file extensions :
exe, dat, fat, rpf, dll, ini, sys, cfg, torrent
(dat, fat : commonly used by Ubisoft
rpf : used by Rockstar Advanced Game Engine games, like GTA V
cfg : ConFiG, used by programs)

At every Avast prompt I select "BLOCK".

Screenshot of my settings

I have done the test atleast two times with less settings !
May not be accurate !

Screenshot of the results

No doubt, my location is totally visible.

If there's any thing you'd like to ask to me, feel free to.
I'm open to questions.

I might also be open to REAL ransomwares testing. Just give me time. These things are dangerous to mess with. I'll test them into a VM.
Good night  ;)
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