Author Topic: JS:Agent-DWO Trojan, now isolated, but Firefox reports Insecure Connection  (Read 348 times)

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I am running OS X 10.14.3 Mojave, and this afternoon I picked up a trojan from a website that redirected my Firefox and Safari search toolbars from Google to Yahoo.

After downloading and running Avast Security, the offender was identified as Javascript trojan JS:Agent-DWO, and it was moved by Avast to the Virus Chest. 

Safari now works fine, but any page that I try to load within Firefox redirects to a warning screen indicating that the Connection is Not Secure.  (This is true for any website....,,, whatever.)  I have tried to Uninstall and Reinstall Firefox and receive the same warning.

I am reasonably technically savvy, but am in uncharted territory here.

(1) Did I do everything necessary to remove the trojan?
(2) What in my security settings within Firefox do I need to tweak?

Any help and support from the community would be appreciated.  Thanks!