Author Topic: Avast VPN not allowing any internet access.  (Read 5350 times)

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Avast VPN not allowing any internet access.
« on: February 16, 2019, 09:59:22 PM »
Hey Folks,
I'm new to Avast but, have used other VPN's and security apps in the past. I've been using only Avast Antivirus for a few months and when my previous VPN subscription (Private Internet Access) expired a few days ago I decided to try Avast using the free trial.
I uninstalled all of my previous VPN app info using AppCleaner and then activated the Avast account. Now that I have activated this account I cannot access any internet content whether Avast VPN is turned on or turned off. This internet access includes, Firefox, Safari, OSX Mail app, Skype app, Messages app, Amazon Drive app or any app that needs to access the internet for content. I've never had this issue before using any other VPN, especially when the VPN is turned off. So, I've uninstalled all of the Avast apps that I had installed (Avast Security, Avast Passwords and Avast SecureLine VPN) using AppCleaner and now everything connects with no issue. Looking through this forum it seems that there has been problems problems with internet access using this VPN . I've seen What gives? I'll try reinstalling all Avast apps and see if the issue persists. I'm considering not using any Avast products if this issue keeps happening.

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Re: Avast VPN not allowing any internet access.
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2019, 10:13:28 PM »
Avast account is a portal providing an overview of your licenses and for some products (Avast Mac Security) also security status of devices. It's activation doesn't change a state of your device.

My best guess is that the uninstallation of the previous VPN using the AppCleaner has corrupted the operating system in some way. Such a way of a product uninstallation is certainly a very bad idea in case of Avast Mac Security that installs kernel extensions to the system. I would recommend you to download an AV installer and to run an uninstaller bundled inside the DMG. This will unfortunately fix only the issues related to Avast Mac Security. If the reboot afterwards won't help, you will likely need to revert the computer to a backup prior the VPN uninstallation.

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