Author Topic: Exported Passwords as csv.. reinstalled windows... csv is empty..Lost all logins  (Read 1955 times)

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So I previously exported my logins back in december and it worked fine, everything looked fine in the csv.

My PC had started getting a lot slower and so I just wanted to reinstall windows to clean the whole thing up, and of course since my last export I had a lot more logins + updated the majority of my existing ones to the avast randomly generated passwords. I did all of this thinking that you could import csv's, because when I had tried to do the cloud sync, avast would just crash every time, sometimes causing my whole pc to buckle up for a bit but that's not the main problem.. I put the csv on a usb, reinstalled windows and then when I had a look at the csv to find my avast email n pass so that I could log back into my account, I'm greeted with... none of my logins, all it says is: "name,web,login,password" and I'm wondering, was this some sort of a bug, or is it something I did when exporting the csv that caused it? Because the last one I did was fine & I of course did it the exact same way. I'd love to here a response on this as I've now lost probably over 100 logins(some of which are with quite a bit of money) because all my emails were secured with the generated passwords. It's a real shame, but as I say, it could be something I did?