Author Topic: Avast password has FORGOTTEN my password  (Read 3245 times)

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Avast password has FORGOTTEN my password
« on: March 07, 2019, 12:12:14 PM »
I just logged into my IP camera because AVAST said it had weak security. Its a dlink DCS-935L.  I logged directly into the camera and although Avast WAS COMPLETELY wrong, ( it said user name admin, password admin.  THIS WAS INCORRECT ) it was a relatively weak password

SO I navigated to change password screen, enter the old password and click on the "key" to get avast to generate a new password

You know I never no what to do here, There is no save button, it generates a code and fills both new password and retype password fields.  it has always done this, so I "x" out of the box and click apply

Usually what happens is that when I go back to login Avast complains that is has a password but I never saved it, do I wish to use it ( OF COURSE I DO IDIOT PROGRAM, THERE IS NO SAVE BUTTON)

So I always click, yes use this password AND STILL there is no way to save it but avast always remembers

This time I try to log in and NOTHING,  so I go to the program and try and find the password and there is nothing there

How can I find the last password AVAST generated.  Why didn't it save it   WHY ISN'T THERE A SAVE BUTTON

Also when I try to log in there is no Avast "key" in the password field, there was when I was logged in and in the maintenace screen changing the password???

Damn this program is really more grief than it is worth

PS why can't it fill in my 2010 Outlook password,   IDIOT PROGRAM

PPS when I request another capta image I get NOTHING

PPPS when I ask it to listen to the letters I GET NOTHING

Seems everything Avast is complete Shite