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Wrong pop-up notification placement
« on: March 12, 2019, 12:25:22 AM »

There is still a leftover bug, which was "introduced" with a version either 19.1.xxxx or 19.2.xxxx (do not remember which one exactly) and it still remains after update to 19.3.2369:
After a certain action (scanning a file in Windows Explorer, etc.) a notification pops up by default to inform of the results. The problem is that after the update to 19.1.xxxx or 19.2.xxxx this notification has a wrong placement on the desktop - almost hidden behind the bottom right corner of the screen (see attached picture) and anything written on this notification cannot be seen (notification list in Avast Antivirus main UI is empty - probably it displays only critical info).
Does anybody else experience this? I did not find anything while searching the forum... I have informed Avast of this issue through in-product "SUBMIT FEEDBACK" form, but I doubt I will get any answer... I have already informed them this way about a month ago... Maybe there is any solution? I searched the program settings and did not find anything useful...