Author Topic: Avast Business Clients not showing in Business Console (On Premise Edition)  (Read 3066 times)

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We've just installed three new instances of the Avast Business Client on some workstations. Avast is successfully running on these Workstations but isn't picking up the settings from our on premise console and the workstations are not being shown within the console.

The installation process worked fine for the first 50 clients we installed a couple of months ago but I now need to work out what's changed to cause these new ones not to work. I've had a look around the log files on the workstations but I can't see anything about it attempting to contact our Console server.

Does anyone know where should I be looking for appropriate logs/settings to work out what's happened?

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Can you provide details on the server where you installed the console? Check if the windows firewall is running, as it can block the communications necessary for the clients to check in
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