Author Topic: Zero response from Support re licensing Issue  (Read 2568 times)

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Zero response from Support re licensing Issue
« on: March 26, 2019, 12:23:30 AM »
Is anyone else having any luck with Customer Support for Avast Business Cloud. ??

I have tried to make an enquiry regarding the  additional licenses suddenly going up from previous additional licenses , and the fact that my licenses registered does not seem to match what we have and I got an basic responses back via email initially asking for more information which i provided immediately..... then nothing for weeks.. then I was promised another email response 2 weeks ago but again silence. 

I even complained via twitter, and got an instant request to DM support with details.. but still nothing.... this is getting beyond a joke.

Extra licenses should not be costing me more than what I can buy an individual license for retail...because of this I have not been able to deploy av to any more machines.

I have tried calling the number and believe it or not in 10 attempts I have never actually gotten through to anyone on the other end.  If i hold the line long enough phone disconnects.

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Re: Zero response from Support re licensing Issue
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2019, 01:57:27 PM »
Hi ishah99

Did you buy the original licences online or from a reseller? Online there are often promotional discounts, especially for new customers and when you add the licences likely that price is no longer offered.

I suggest finding your local reseller and see if they can help with licences costing for you, often there are promotions in the reseller channel that are quite aggressive. You can find your reseller at the link below:

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