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Room for enhanced Word Press CMS security...
« on: April 01, 2019, 11:26:47 PM »
See: User Enumeration
  The first two user ID's were tested to determine if user enumeration is possible.

ID   User   Login
1   None   admin
2   None   moderator
It is recommended to rename the admin user account to reduce the chance of brute force attacks occurring. As this will reduce the chance of automated password attackers gaining access. However it is important to understand that if the author archives are enabled it is usually possible to enumerate all users within a WordPress installation.

Loaded resources OK, 218 recommendations for improvement:

DOM-XSS issues: Results from scanning URL: -
Number of sources found: 41 ; number of sinks found: 17

Retirable jQuery library detected:
jquery   1.12.4   Found in -
Vulnerability info:
Medium   2432 3rd party CORS request may execute CVE-2015-9251   
Medium   CVE-2015-9251 11974 parseHTML() executes scripts in event handlers   

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