Author Topic: Avast is not detecting Trojan but other anti malware software are detecting it  (Read 859 times)

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I Tested Avast internet security and i  downloaded a trojan for testing purposes
But avast dint detect that trojan  and later I uploaded that file to Virus Total and only 17/70 anti virus software detects it
Here's the link to the Detection

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You can report a suspicious/malicious sample (File/Website) here:
Win 8.1 [x64] - Avast PremSec 20.7.2422.B#2 [UI.547] - CC 5.70 - EEK - FF ESR 68.11 [NS/AOS/uBO/PB] - TB 68.11 - SB/CP/SL/DU.BC
Deutschsprachiger Bereich -> Avast Wissenswertes (Downloads, Anleitungen & Infos):

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First Submission   2018-12-08 03:19:18
Last Submission   2019-03-16 22:29:11
Last Analysis   2019-04-07 03:53:20

Not Malicious exactly.Also the detection by eset is for PUP (potentially unwanted program) not malware.
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File Version Information

Copyright:           MIT
Product:           WeAreDevs_API.Properties
Description:   WeAreDevs API v1 CSharp
Original Name:   WeAreDevs_API.dll
Internal Name:   WeAreDevs_API.dll
File Version:
Comments:   Used to build software accessing the Lua C API