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Avast / Windows Update problem
« on: April 16, 2019, 10:04:20 PM »
This is a continuation of my topic dated April 12, 2019, 11:43:44 AM. Having no answer, I have decided to post my question once again.
As I informed I uninstalled Avast Free (avastclear.exe / safe mode) due to Windows Update problem. CheckSUR.log shows two “avast” errors:
(f)   CSI C Mark Deployment Missing   0x00000000   c!avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_0b20a8ff883c3a4a   x86_avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_none_1d37a43bbfe1dc9c   
(f)   CSI C Mark Deployment Missing   0x00000000   c!avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_c373722873c01144   amd64_avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_none_d58a6d64ab65b396   
Found 2 errors  CSI C Mark Deployment Missing Total count: 2

“AVAST" search in Windows Explorer shows the following leftovers:
AVAST Software Local C:\Users\JOANNA\AppData
AVAST Software Program Files C:\Users\JOANNA\AppData\Local
avast! Antivirus    AV C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\CommonFiles
AVAST Software ProgramData  C:\Users\JOANNA\AppData\Local
Avast AVAST Software C:\Users\JOANNA\AppData\Local
winsxs C:\Windows amd64_avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_none_d58a6d64ab65b396
winsxs C:\Windows x86_avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_none_1d37a43bbfe1dc9c
Manifests C:\Windows\winsxs
Manifests C:\Windows\winsxs amd64_avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_none_d58a6d64ab65b396.manifest
Manifests C:\Windows\winsxs
Manifests C:\Windows\winsxs x86_avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_none_1d37a43bbfe1dc9c.manifest
Manifests C:\Windows\winsxs
Manifests C:\Windows\winsxs amd64_policy.11.0.avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_none_6aa8346920c8423b.manifest
Manifests C:\Windows\winsxs
Manifests C:\Windows\winsxs x86_policy.11.0.avast.vc110.crt_2036b14a11e83e4a_11.0.60610.1_none_b2556b4035446b41.manifest
avastSS.scr Windows C:\   

So AVAST is uninstalled, several leftovers remains and Windows Update still fails.
I noticed your information that an emergency update is released with recommendation to update from existing Avast version via Settings/Update/Update program, but I have already uninstalled it! What should I do now: to reinstall Avast Free? 
I prefer to fix CheckSUR.log errors first, remove the avast leftovers, to be sure that Windows Update works and then to reinstall AVAST. Please help me to solve this problem.

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Re: Avast / Windows Update problem
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2019, 11:29:48 PM »
Personally all related questions, to your previous topic should remain there, even if there has been no answer.

1.  That keeps everything together.

2.  It also brings the topic to the top of the chronological order.

Posting the same question again may/could have the same response as the first.

I did reply to your other topic as did many others.  I have posted in your other topic to keep all information in the same location.
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