Author Topic: Windows(OS) Start Up User PassWord LogIn Failure - After Avast Update Yest Eve  (Read 1180 times)

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Hope you guys can be of help here.

Since updating Avast yesterday, including I believe with the latest definitions  - after which, I was asked to restart my computer - I have not been able to log back into it because it says my windows user PW is incorrect -  the PW needed when prompted by windows OS to enter it on the start up of the device. This is very concerning as I can no longer at present have access to any of my emails, files and work which I need pretty urgently for university. When the computer starts back up, my user name is displayed as normal and I am then asked to enter my password again as normal which I do, but, it is then immediately rejected as being incorrect.

This password is one  I have used for many years without ever an issue - am absolutely sure I am typing it correctly - I have also re-entered it many times this morning anyway and have also made sure it is correct by using the online keyboard and also the password reveal icon to confirm - as advised in an Microsoft forum - all these methods do  confirm I have been entering the right password correctly but still it is rejected.  In one of the forums its says PW issues can happen when you change settings on your computer or download new software and updates which seems like it might me the same in my case because  the first this issue presented it self  out of the blue was as soon as  I restarted  the computes once the Avast update had completed installing yesterday and it recommended I restart.

Has anyone else experienced this and / or has any advise to help trouble shoot this I would be very grateful. Thanks.