Author Topic: every now and then avast firewall resets the configuration i set it to be  (Read 387 times)

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there was a time it happened very often, now sometimes i open up firewall settings just to be surprised: applications/programs with no defined rules is set to "auto-decided". i chose "ask" after installing.

last time i noticed, its been some years, every new update reset my configs. today i just found it set to "auto" once again. i want it to ask me every time.

if i have to get there to set it again and again the way i want it to be, im better off skiping avast firewall for another 3rd party's.

btw, add a checkbox to the app rules list so i can delete those rules avast set to auto-decide by its own, all at once.

its really annoying having to delete then all one by one just to start over a thing that was configured since day 1.

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Correct, upgrading or updating can cause custom settings to be lost, so backup your custom settings as below in attached png file:
Windows 10 Home 64-bit 1909 Avast Premier Security version 20.1.2397 (build 20.1.5069.559) UI version 1.0.460.