Author Topic: Avast acts like Malware: Installs browser extension wo consent & corrupts Avast!  (Read 514 times)

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On a PC i3 Windows 8.
Avast is set to ask permission before installing updates - the only permission available in the Avast interface (as far as I can see)..
Today I launched Firefox browser and was alerted to a new Extension installation.
This was an Avast so-called 'Online Security' extension V 19.1.212. This was installed without asking for permission!
I disabled it forthwith.

Thereafter, when attempting to launch the Avast Control Panel I got a blank white panel with text "You are protected'.
After searching Avast troubleshooting for this issue - in Windows/Programs & Features, I 'repaired' the Avast installation and restarted.
The computer and Avast now appears to be OK - But this is not acceptable conduct on the part of Avast!
Apart from wasting 2 hours of my time; this 'repair' has probably added some 'legacy artefacts' to my previously immaculate system.

it also raises additional serious concerns regarding possibly misplaced trust in Avast as an ethical and trustworthy company..
- considering the extensive permissions & trust prerequisite to enable Avast software to install and run on one's computer(s).
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