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Reinstalling Avast Free
« on: May 01, 2019, 03:58:55 AM »
Hi There

Dummy me listened to local shop tech, and stupidly removed Avast a few weeks ago from Laptop,   No idea when 1903 gonna launch is it wise to reinstall at this time or just wait and hope safe enough with Defender til 1903 released, installed, and then reinstall Avast immediately after/along with any other drivers and such.    Desktop I plan on clean install of either 1809 just prior to 1903 launches, think bypassing the reserved storage,  Laptop I might just update thru Windows update

Desktop always did usually manual updates, but if I clean install 1809 prior to 1903 release, then will let Windows update handle it

Just deciding when is best to reinstall and stop listening to the techs I do lol
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Re: Reinstalling Avast Free
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2019, 03:39:40 PM »
The main issue with Windows updates, like the last win10 update fiasco, is they change things and didn't inform major AV companies (many were impacted by this) in advance so they could cater for the changes. 

I'm making an assumption here (dangerous especially in relation to Microsoft) that all of the major AV companies will already be working on this probably with a team in Redmond (as has happened with Avast in the past) on compatibility with the 1903 release.  The big question is, will MS screw this release up as they did with the first attempt at 1903.

Now we are in limbo do we have the latest avast program version (which I have on my win10 system) in advance of the next win10 1903 program update.  I would say yes, get your system up and running correctly before the windows update so you know it is working prior to any other changes.

I'm fortunate in that my win10 system is a laptop and although win10 updates are meant to be automatic, when my laptop is on standby it is running on battery, WiFi only and my working hours set to put a bit of a crimp on when Windows can reboot.  This I believe can give me a bit of a jump on if things crop up ( and monitoring the forums for issues) before a reboot would be initiated.
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