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Hello. I’m a new user and novice in this VPN matter.
I’d tried the free trial Avast VPN service along this week-end, and I encounter a problem i down know how to resolve it.
Unfortunately, as my network line fall down several times a day, because of the lacks of my internet provider (i suppose), Avast VPN service detected it in less than a minute, disconnected itself and tried unsuccessful to restart automatically a new VPN connexion, and finally, brings me back to my personnel IP address, delivered by my national network provider (up again). 
To be honest, i also use the VPN for P2P. And i encountered the same problem with London, Frankfort, Milan, or the Pays-Bas.

I won’t be able to use anymore this VPN service if the issue persist.
I’ve read lot of forum topics and i’m a little bit lost.
I’m working with OS El Capitan (10.11.6) and VPN Avast SecureLine 3.6.4, apple firewall activated, firevault off.
Is there anything i can do, or can you inform me how to solve the issue, before i subscribe  ?
Thanks for your reply. Best regards.

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Hello Bruno,
it's a but difficult to advise on this remotely. The Avast SecureLine VPN configures a system built-in daemon to create
VPN connection to our infrastructure. This connection is UDP based and pretty sensitive to connectivity quality - more than VPN services that use OpenVPN with a TCP fallback (like our Windows product).

It is possible to create a support package from the application's help menu which contains a basic network diagnostics and a log file from the system daemon (logs/ But it's not always helpful.

Best regards,
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