Author Topic: Disable Avast passwords popup? + request feature  (Read 2136 times)

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Disable Avast passwords popup? + request feature
« on: May 23, 2019, 05:41:54 PM »
I will show you 2 Examples.
Example 1:
Okay so i installed my Avast Passwords on my Chrome (Profile 1 (Person)), and if i or anyone open another Profile for example Profile 2 after a few moments it popup and i have to add "Avast Passwords" Extension, thought i do not want to enable it on profile 2.
Example 2:
I installed Avast Passwords on Chromium-Based Browsers, and when i open chrome i get popup, thought i don't want it and i want to deactivate it or ignore it forever.........

Chrome Profiles Image:
Avast Passwords popup:
Is there any way to disable or ignore  (for custom profile) forever this annoying popup (new tab, automatic redirect) ? If not please add a new feature for this.