Author Topic: Getting through with feedback re: misleading system tray notifications.  (Read 612 times)

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I've had a pet peeve for a long time now, and have had some trouble finding a proper channel for feedback to the avast team. I've been a long time user (decade+), but the last year or two(three?) I've noticed something that rubs me the wrong way. System tray notifications have been popping up telling me my computer is being slowed down by 181 broken registry entries, 34GB of trash files and 19 apps slowing down my computer. (or similar numbers.) I know my system, and this message is clearly false. I understand the necessity of trying to sell upgrades and additional tools, but there should be a clear notice that these are example numbers only. If I wasn't a power user and believed these popups, I might end up spending money based on false premises. Not to mention the inherent dodgyness having my antivirus scanning my computer in ways i never agreed to in the first place... 

I don't know if this will be read by anyone from the dev team (or probably more appropriately: the marketing team) and I've let it slide for ages, but today I had the time to actually be grumpy about it, so here goes. (Apologies if this topic has been raised before, if that's the case I've been using the wrong search words on these forums.)


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You don't mention what Avast product and version
What operating system?
Did you do a custom install and deselect all the components you don't want.
Sounds like something ' Avast Cleanup' would be messaging.
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