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Avast Business Cloud Management Console Version 7.6
« on: May 22, 2019, 03:19:00 PM »

Avast Business Cloud Management Console 7.6 has just been released (May 22, 2019)

Console version: 7.6
Agent version: 4.10
Windows Antivirus: 19.3
Mac OS X Antivirus: 13.12

Release Summary

This release contains improvements and bug fixes to our Avast Business Cloud Management Console.


- We now support clones in the Citrix App Layering environment. When a new virtual machine is created based on a new master image (cloned), the new virtual machine that has Avast Business Antivirus installed on will now appear in our console as a new device

- We have made some updates to the Licenses page. The name of the page has changed to Subscriptions with a fresh new layout of the Avast Business services.

Bug fixes

[CBC-7100]   Some devices that were set as the local update server can now be activated and will no longer stay in pending status
[CBC-8329]   Console - User invitation email link will now direct the user to the Complete the signup page instead of our console login page
[CBC-8378]   Fixed text spacing under the device overview tab under Tasks detail section

Release notes below:

Avast Business Cloud Management Console Version 7.6 Release Notes


Your Avast Business Team