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Hijacker- 'coolweb' dial up connection???
paul barette:

I have uninstalled my norton anti virus (on the advice of a computer expert) as it would let many viruses through and installed avast which detected 5 viruses off line and about 6 online. I have noticed a 'coolweb' dial up network connection in my network connections and after some research I believe it is a hijacker. What is a hijacker- what will it do to my system and how can I get rid of it??!! After deleting the viruses/trojens that avast discovered I still have this 'coolweb' connection. Does this mean it is undetectable?? My hijackthis logfile is attched.

Would be so appreciative for any help you can give me!
 :)  Hi Paul :

      We are always concerned when a "former" Norton User
      switches to Avast because they seldom COMPLETELY
      REMOVE Norton; in addition to uninstalling from
      Add/Remove Program, we also recommend you use the
      Norton "Removal Tool" which can be downloaded from :
      www.majorgeeks.com/Norton_Removal_Tool_SymNRT_d4749.html .

     In addition, I recommend you use your computer's
    "Search > All files and folders", using the search "term"
    "Symantec" & later "Norton" & "Delete" all it finds. And to
     be even more through, run a registry cleaner to remove
     Items there .

     As to your "Hijack" problem : HijackThis logs are best used
     by Experts on antiSPYWARE forums . Since you appear to have
     Ad-Aware, I recommend you ask the Experts on the
     Ad-Aware oriented forums at www.landzdown.com .

    P.S. Your HJT log says you have IE 7 ; one of the "Beta" s ?
paul barette:

Thanks for the quick reply. I have norton system works 2003 from which I removed norton anti virus- do you reccommnd that I remove the whole program (system works)?? I do use the web clean up facility every now and then which I guess isn't too important? If so and I follow your advice and use a registry cleaner- do you reccommend any particular registry cleaner??- particulary a free one?!

Ok I will go to ad-aware forums and ask about my hijacker- by looking at it then did you notice anything majorly wrong with my system??

And finally yes I am using IE7 beta 3. Liking it alot- had a problem where opening a new tab would close down the browser but this can be sorted by removing certain add-ons.
Give CWShredder a try, It can usually get rid of all CWS variants.

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