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Automatic renewal Avast secureline
« on: June 10, 2019, 07:02:20 PM »
Hello my name is Angelos Poniros
I had this Transaction ID: 77780277XD697093L €79.99 EUR with AVAST for a program (Avast Secureline) which i do not use. I started for 2-3 uses The trial licence for 60 days expired and then, it charged me.
I don't know it has automatic renewal because my low-level English knowing. Ι have an active subscription for Avast secureline. Please cancel (reverse) this transaction from paypal because i didn't have any money in my debit cards and the deal was done. Now I have in Paypal balance -79,99EUR and i cannot purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Transaction ID 77780277XD697093L
Invoice number 61262160600
Purchase information DRI*AVAST Software 79,99 EUR

with Paypal

I am very tired of this situation I have sent 6-7 messages for 35 days and the answer is always and always this...

Avast Refund Request - 08638181 [ ref:_00Db0Z3Sf._5000N1max96:ref ]

Thank you for contacting AVAST Software.
We have checked your order with our distributor and we can confirm that your order was disputed.
Dispute status can appear only if customer asked his bank or PayPal to reverse the payment.
You should already have payment back at your account otherwise please contact your bank for further investigation.
Kind regards,

The Avast Support Team

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Re: Automatic renewal Avast secureline
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2019, 12:44:49 PM »
Hi angelponiros,

As my colleague stated, our systems show that you have asked PayPal to dispute the transaction.

I'm afraid that once an Avast order is placed into dispute, we cannot make the refund for you, as the dispute process has to be followed instead. Please contact PayPal directly for more information about what has happened with the dispute.

However, if PayPal have closed the dispute without returning the money to you, it is possible to for us to make the refund. To do this, we will need to ask you to supply proof that PayPal have closed the dispute without making a refund. We can then pass this on to our distributor (Digital River), who will be able to manually refund the order for you.

To supply this proof, please reply back to any of the emails from my colleague with the proof that the dispute is closed attached to the email.

The proof should be a copy (or screenshot) of the statement from PayPal where they told you that they deny the dispute request (if you send a screenshot of the message, please make sure it includes details that show the payment that they are declining the dispute for).