Author Topic: How do I get My Avast software to load on another drive beside C: ????????  (Read 799 times)

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How do I get My Avast software to load on another drive beside C: ????????  My C: drive is now full because of Avast

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When you install Avast (Custom Install) you should be able to give an installation location.  That said programs have to have elements in the OS drive, so some parts of avast would still be there.

If there isn't any room/limited on C: then you really should be looking at what you have on C:\ and or upgrading your hard drive as this (less than 15% free space) can cause other performance issues. 
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Recommend TreeSize Free to manage data use on your C: drive:

Avast is showing 1.2 GB total allocated space use on drive C: here with avast definitions occupying 186.1 MB and stream definitions taking 362.7 KB.

As DavidR says, you need to see what is taking up space on your C: drive and TreeSize Free can help with that.
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