Author Topic: Ransomware Shield - add 1 allowed apps then rest "same name apps" allowed too  (Read 468 times)

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Hi Avast Team,

since I upgrade to Avast Internet Security, now it has ransomware shield which protect apps that try to modify folder eg: write new file. So here I have an older accounting software which function a folder = 1 database so I have multiple of them, let say I have 100 Folder that contain the software and this "software.vo" which function is export crytal report file from my accounting software to folder name report, so each time I have to allow the apps once for its to enable export xls file to report folder. even though it is the same software just in multiple place.

Is there any solution to add "software.vo" to allowed apps so other same name can automatically allowed (maybe check by same size or modified date) ? because it's too much of hassle to adding one by one or even wait until it ask to allow, it's too annoying and also not really efficient



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Whilst I don't use Ransomware, isn't the use of wildcards possible to exclude, as it is in some other exclusions. 
Surely there would be a common an area (folder/sub-folder) that these databases are located ?

If it does then care should be taken not to have too great an exclusion.  Use as detailed an exclusion path and file to allow only that which is required and not create a massive hole.
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