Author Topic: How to un-remove a device from the unclaimed connected device list?  (Read 511 times)

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So I just received my Omni Hub in the mail the other day. I just set it up, everything seems to be working great so far. So, I was setting up my owner profile and assigning my devices to myself, household, and family members. I accidentally added my mom's phone to Household. So, I clicked remove, thinking it would just put it back in the unclaimed devices list, but now it doesn't appear there or anywhere. I installed the Omni Family Member app on her phone, thinking it would make itself appear again, but instead it asks me to input a pairing code. It said the guardian has to go into their app and generate a pairing code for the new device to allow it to connect, but when I go into my guardian app, the device does not show up since I removed it. How do I undo that and get it back on the list so I can have her claim it? Thanks!

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Re: How to un-remove a device from the unclaimed connected device list?
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your expectation is correct - if you REMOVE a device from your Family Guardian's app, it will reappear shortly providing it is connected to your home network (the one with Omni hub). It can take a minute or two until the device is re-scanned by the hub. Could you please check it is still not visible in the app?

Note 1: Instead of removing, you can change device owner from "Device details" screen. This way, you can avoid the delay.

Note 2: If you plan to use the device outside of your home network only, you can also go to your mom's profile, click on "ADD DEVICES" at the bottom and then on "Add new device" button. After setting up a name for this device, there will be a screen with pairing code. Thise can be used for pairing in Family Member's app.
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