Author Topic: Avast is preventing Virtual Box and Vmware from starting up Virtual Machines  (Read 1532 times)

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Seems Avast does have a way to contact them thru email and i'm not calling so i hope someone who works on the program will see this. I'm running Windows 10 version 1903, i have a Ryzen 5 1400 CPU and a RX570 GPU. I keep getting BSOD everytime i go to start up a VM (system_service_exception) no i played around made sure all drivers were up to date, made sure virtualization was turned on in the bios. Everything was working find till recently, i read somewhere that my anti-virus could be the cause of the BSOD. So i disabled the shields and sure enough Virtual Box now works like a charm. Hope this can be fixed soon.

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Ya, i just found a similar forum from 2017. Everything works now. Thanks

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I know this topic is probably dead, but I would like to share the solution which worked for me and I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet, so maybe it will help someone who has the same problem. I searched for the solution for many days, and in the end I remembered about an operating system called photon VMware made, and desperately installed it on my machine. That fixed the problem altogether, but I don't quite understand why haha. I guess it might be because Photon OS might be more optimized with VMWare because they made it. Anyways I hope I helped at least someone.
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Hi marcus.carguy15, welcome to the forum :)

Did you try this suggestion

- Avast > Menu > Settings > General > Troubleshooting > uncheck " Enable hardware-assisted virtualization "

Greetz, Red.
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