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AswArPot.Sys and BSOD
« on: February 03, 2023, 11:54:52 PM »
Windows 11, Avast FREE antivirus
Starting from October 22 rill to January 2023 I experienced say 20 occurrences of BSOD all deriving from  AswArPot.Sys  )Windows Events Reports)
I changed the Free antivirus with another Free one. No Occurrences for 3 weeks.
The BSOD appeared suddenly without any plausible reason, generally upon exiting an application such as Opera browser or Excel. Once ii appeared immediately after  booting when Windows displayed the desktop image.
I would like to use again the Avast Free, but - without any corrective action applied - I am convinced that the BSOD will reappear. I did it already 3 time the experiment of changing the antivirus and reverting to Avast.
This is my plain report.
Thank you for suggestions