Author Topic: Synchronisation fail on new device, and now all synchronisations are lost  (Read 1837 times)

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Today I tried to re-sychronize a new device. When I pushed the button, I was requested a password, which I didn't know any more.
After pressing the button for "forgot password2 I received a link for resetting the password. I Used this link and assigned a new password.
After that, the avast software on the new device requested a confirmation on an existing device. When opening this existing device, the software tolf me, that I had changed my password and had to confirm this on an existing device. After all, i cannot log in on all devices and all my passwords are lost. I went to the recovery link, to recover my system, but this also reqired a password, which I do not have. So after all, Avast kicked my out of all my systems.

Can you help me?