Author Topic: I am personally considering classing avast free as malware!  (Read 743 times)

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I am personally considering classing avast free as malware!
« on: September 08, 2019, 09:30:22 PM »
Ever since avast has FORCED advertising within its avast free it has been a nightmare to use. From the false positive claims this this and this is messing with your system. As form of advertising trying to force you into a panic that a problem that does not exist can be fixed by avast premium services. now add in the failure to renew avast free and I strongly suspect if I were to cave in and do the free premium service trial it would start working again.

There is NOTHING GOD DAMN FREE about your service when you trick us into wasting "time" looking through the task manager for background apps wasting resources slowing the computer down or looking for a bogus files taking up disk space.  when you app is claiming all this crap is impairing the computer when its NOT. Or try to trick us into installing a free trial service you never have any intention of ever buying. Thus leading to the very problem you claim you will fix once you APP is removed from the system and leaves broken junk files everywhere.

by holding my system hostage by not renewing the license when I been requesting a renewal repeatedly as a means to try to force me to buy premium services is the definition of malware.
get your act together if your going to insist on having advertising to fix issues STOP GIVING FALSE CLAIMS OF THIS THIS THIS SLOWING YOUR COMPUTER DOWN ETC. USE ACCURATE RESULTS!

AND STOP TRYING TO FORCE PEOPLE TO UPGRADE BY REFUSING TO RENEW LICENSE. I have renewed the licence at least once before with no issue but I was NOT being forced to try the premium free service before either!!
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