Author Topic: Flashing Toolbar MENU & Sub-Menu Headings (Fixed) After Avast Apps Installstion  (Read 1339 times)

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Ahoy there!

I downoaded and installed Avast Mobile Security, Battery Saver and Cleanup and during the installation I was presented with an option that I can't remember or which app it was from.

The problem that I was experiencing after I selected an option that resulted in a large white MENU word with a matching border and all other app menu headings and sub-headings to be highlighted sequentially for a given time and flashibg speed.  I was going nuts as I couldn't work out how to stop it and even after uninstalling all the apps and re-booting my phone, the problem was still there.

I re-installed the apps thinking the setting option would be shown again, but it wasn't, so I went into the phone Settings and worked down the list and discovered that following fixed the issue:

Open Settings.
Click Accessibility.
Locate Switch Access and Turn OFF.

That's it.  To verify, turn it back on and go to your home screen which should show the MENU in the top bar, so turn it off again and close down the the phone Settings menu.

I can't advise if this also corrects issues caused by other apps, but hopefully it'll help others who may have had the same issue as mine and being driven crazy as they can't work out how to turn it off.

If this has been covered before then I can only apologise, but I did some online research and couldn't find anything about it (maybe I used the wrong search words), so I hope my findings will be of use.

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Hi, you have probably turned on some accessibility features (designed for visually and auditory impaired users), but it also seems you have figured out how to fix it. If you need help with anything else, please send us some screenshots.