Author Topic: Avast Uninstall leaves Win10 x64 unbootable  (Read 1296 times)

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Avast Uninstall leaves Win10 x64 unbootable
« on: September 21, 2019, 08:21:32 AM »
Hi, I am here to find someone who knows what happens during an Avast uninstall on Win10 home x64 - I started the uninstall and then Avast asked me to reboot and I said okay but even after 20 hours the computer would not unhang itself from the blue computer is restarting screen.  So then I shut the system off and it would not boot...automatic repair reports that it does not know what is keeping computer from booting.  Safe mode does not work, it hangs then computer restarts.  Disabling automatic restart shows computer is locked up with OEM logo on screen and circle thingy not moving after 2 seconds.
I tried deleting leftover Avast directories with no change.  I ran chkdsk /f with no change.  I checked HDD smart and also did DST, drive is in great shape, not failing.
I know how to edit registry, I have a feeling that is where the corruption is.
I am trying to avoid resetting this computer.

Thanks in advance for anyones kind help.
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Re: Avast Uninstall leaves Win10 x64 unbootable
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Re: Avast Uninstall leaves Win10 x64 unbootable
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2019, 06:37:21 PM »
Shouts and cursing the product isn't going to accomplish anything.

Uninstall Avast
Download the Avast Uninstall Utility to your Deskto
For Windows XP and Vista get the Avast Removal tool from here
Uninstall Avast via control panel and follow the directions.
Run the Uninstall Utility and accept the reboot to safe mode
Once complete reboot your system.
A video to help you use the Avast Uninstall Utility is available at:

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