Author Topic: Came back to Avast after being out of the loop. Not sure I like the direction  (Read 735 times)

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I just reinstalled Avast after using Windows Defender + MBAM + common sense on this computer, just to try things out.  Immediately I was peppered by "Buy Internet Security! Buy Professional!" popups that Avast just never did before.
I don't mean to complain, but Avast didn't used to do that, at least with versions up to 7 and 8.  It also wanted me to "resolve" sensitive documents like my college essays. I don't know what it meant by that but I'm assuming it meant delete them?
I used to love Avast and the powerful features it had, even on the free version, but lately it seems as if Avast is just pushing the new paid features and leaving the free version as a sort of nagware.
Also, whatever happened to the referral program? I had three years of Internet Security lined up from referring Avast to everyone I knew back in like 2012 or so.

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There have been many changes, significant changes since v.7&8 (years ago).
The sensitive documents notice is a call to buy into the "Sensitive Data Shield" offered in Premium protection. (You can ignore if you choose).
I was not into following the 'Referral Program' so I won't speak to that.
Being that you have just returned after such a lengthy break I suggest taking some time to familiarize yourself with the latest software developments, the UI navigation and the added protection modules not available in the older versions.
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... Also, whatever happened to the referral program? I had three years of Internet Security lined up from referring Avast to everyone I knew back in like 2012 or so.

Unlike yourself, I never left Avast, so was never out of the loop; I only waited too long to claim my free license.
I also had a license lined up from about that same time period (2012 - 2016) and thought I had lost out on receiving it when they dropped/changed the referral program.
About a year ago (Sept. 2018) I logged in to my Avast account: 
After some digging around in there, I was surprised to find my 3 year subscription for Avast Internet Security listed.
As I recall, I was able to navigate through all my Avast PCs (almost 50 devices), but looking there now, that info is missing/removed or perhaps in another area..?
Might I suggest, if you can recall your original account credentials, to log in and check your Profile page at least.

EDIT: Ok, so I eventually found this thread -  Topic: Changes to device section
Apparently since March 2019, Avast has decided to "no longer support Windows and Mac devices in the “devices” section in accounts."
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