Author Topic: infected? 2019.10.11.G80.asl file  (Read 1410 times)

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infected? 2019.10.11.G80.asl file
« on: October 13, 2019, 06:25:40 AM »
Hey, I decided to a deep scan of my laptop and when it finished the scanner found a file "2019.10.11.G80.asl" and marked it as infected (the threat name is JPG:MS04-028 [EXPL])
This was found in /private/var/log/asl

I did some research and found out that the asl files (the ones formatted YEAR.MONTH.DAY.(letternumber).asl) in /private/var/log/asl (correct me if I'm wrong) are log files that can be removed, but I just wanna make sure deleting the file is safe (it's sitting in my virus chest right now) and won't destroy my laptop or something. Also if it is just a log file, I'd like to know why it's recognized as a threat.