Author Topic: What to do with weird links pointing to my site?  (Read 782 times)

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What to do with weird links pointing to my site?
« on: November 20, 2019, 04:04:35 PM »
Hey guys,

I started noticing this already 3 weeks ago - there were days that 10+ links were added to my site and at first, I thought it's a coincidence.

But then this happened again a week ago and then yesterday once again.

At first, someone was adding links to the comments they made - which was pretty clever cause they get those comments indexed.

Here's an example:

But now someone is adding weird links to my home-page - just in one day there were 10 new links added and all are pointing the main page -

Those links are super weird and makes no sense:
- '
- '
**All the URLs are hidden in the comment section

So, I wanted to ask if anyone have experience with dealing with such links and what can you suggest about getting them removed?

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Re: What to do with weird links pointing to my site?
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2019, 05:15:25 PM »
I performed a scan with Broken Link Checker,

You have 2000 links of which 112 URLs failed.
Status   URL   Source link text
403 Forbidden   -СС+to+BTC/DE/Step+4.2.PNG   img/src
403 Forbidden   -СС+to+BTC/DE/Step+4.3.PNG   img/src
and loads and loads more from - etc. etc.
404 Not Found   -   link/href
404 Not Found   -   link/href
400 Bad Request   -   link/href
400 Bad Request   -   link/href
503 Service Unavailable   -   <No Text>
404 Not Found   -   <No Text>
-1 Not found: The host name in the certificate is invalid or does not match   -   a total loss of your funds.
999 Non-standard   -   <No Text>

Then 517 recommendations towards improvement ->

See about soundcloud tracker detected and blocked for many browsers:

No root certificate found for this link:

Linked site checked by Google Safebrowsing:
Linked Sites
Google Safe Browse checks have been performed on each of the linked sites. Links with poor reputation could be a threat to users of the site. Hosting and location are also included in the results.

Externally Linked Host   Hosting Provider   Country   United States   United States   Cloudflare.   United States   Cloudflare.   United States   Quality Unit, s.r.o.   Germany   Facebook.   Ireland   Google LLC   United States   Twitter Inc.   United States

See detections here, as Sucuri finds nothing:
which were of May last this year.
PHISHING was detected 6 moths ago:
and two still flag website now:
Given clean here:

Wait for an avast team member to give a final verdict.

polonus (volunteer 3rd party cold recon website security analyst and website error-hunter)
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