Author Topic: Facebook-trackingpixel collects more user-data, DoH enables persistence.  (Read 1600 times)

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"Advanced Matching", what you hold of that as an end-user?


This is the complete hostfile to just block all of facebook/whatsapp/instagram (if one whishes to do so).

However this does NOT block https for you as it will NOT block outgoing traffic going to facebook pixel.

Yep, facebook has done a splendid job developing it, with not much room left to circumvent their newer tracking methods
or you will sit waiting, staring at the ceiling, while filling out endless captcha's.

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Re: Facebook-trackingpixel collects more user-data, DoH enables persistence.
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2019, 06:21:38 PM »
These little tracking pixels have been around for absolutely years, more commonly in html emails 1x1 pix hidden status.

You probably know my feelings on social networking and have never trusted them, so I don't have any facebook/whatsapp/instagram accounts, etc. 

I still use MailWasherPro to filter my email and it only downloads a small portion of each email (to analyse), viewed in plain text.  I can flag any email that it hasn't flagged.  When I click on Wash Email, it deletes all emails that have been flagged at email server level, calls my email program where I download the remainder.
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