Author Topic: Avast Business On-Premise Management Console Version 7.16 (December 2019)  (Read 14756 times)

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Yes, we deploy ALL our On-Premise Manager under docker (linux).  Moving to Windows means $$$ for clients and more resources...
Maybe it's time to re-visit Antivirus/Malware Software solutions for SMB market as last time we've picked AVAST was 15 years ago.

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Re: Avast Business On-Premise Management Console Version 7.16 (December 2019)
« Reply #16 on: September 03, 2021, 08:45:05 PM »
I must be the only person in the world using Docker as the installation page points to the old 6.0.14 ( docker-compose.yml and .ENV ). Could someone please update these to reflect the current 7.16 release?

Also, since the upgrade directions are really lack luster for a docker upgrade, can someone please provide the required steps to upgrade DOCKER from version 6.0.14 to 7.16.

Since the DB is being upgrade, does that mean I need to run docker pull avastsoftware/management-console-db to upgrade the DB or does the new management console do that automatically when I run docker-compose up?

It would be nice if the docker install page was a little more clear on the steps required to upgrade the Avast Docker app.

Please and thank you!

Hi bro i try to update at 27/08/2021  from to 7.29.930.81 but it still doesn't work maybe you know some process to restore ?